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Project overview

Sound Transit is building a new garage and improving walking, rolling and biking connections to Puyallup Station so that more people can conveniently access Sounder trains and enjoy a traffic-free commute.

Construction begins this fall, and the garage will open to the public in 2022. Keep scrolling to view building designs and learn what to expect during construction.

Learn more in this overview video.

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Site overview

The new parking garage, located one block west of Puyallup Station, will have five levels and will include approximately 500 stalls. To the north and west will be a new surface parking lot with approximately 165 stalls.

We acknowledge that the land we are developing today is the homelands of the Coastal Salish tribes.

This map shows an overview of the project area, including the existing station and surface parking. The new parking garage with ~500 spaces will be south of the train tracks and north of 2nd Ave NW, between 5th St NW and 6th St NW. Drivers can enter the parking garage from 2nd Ave NW and the new adjacent surface parking lot. The new surface parking lot with ~165 space will be northwest of the new parking garage, south of the train tracks and north of 3rd Ave NW, between 5th St NW and 7th St NW. Drivers can enter the new lot from 3rd Ave NW. A new pedestrian bridge over 5th St NW will connect the new parking to the west edge of the existing surface parking lot and the station.

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Vehicle and pedestrian access

Vehicle access (shown in blue): There are two vehicle entrances to the garage, one from 2nd Avenue NW (from the south), and one through the surface lot on 3rd Avenue NW. We’ll add a new left-turn lane from northbound 5th Street NW to 2nd Avenue NW.

Pedestrian and rolling access (shown in orange): Passengers will have a convenient travel path from the garage to the station by using the new bridge over 5th Street NW and taking the sidewalk to the platform. People parking in the surface lot will walk next to the garage and then cross 5th and continue on the sidewalk to reach the platform. All paths are ADA-accessible and the garage and pedestrian bridge are served by elevators.

Site diagram with vehicle and pedestrian routes, as described in the adjacent page text.

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Sounder South alignment map showing stations from Lakewood to Seattle. All stations have parking except King Street Station in Seattle.

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All about Sounder South

Sounder South trains offer a dependable, traffic-free commute between Lakewood and Seattle. We currently operate nine round trips on weekdays. Trains leave Puyallup northbound between 5:03-8:03 a.m., with one afternoon northbound trip at 5:27 p.m. Southbound trains depart from Seattle’s King Street Station between 3:35-6:30 p.m. A southbound reverse-commute train leaves Seattle at 6:35 a.m. For details, read our September schedule.

Adult fares range from $3.75 to $5.75 one-way, and fares for seniors, youth and low-income individuals are lower.

Powered by clean-burning, ultra-low sulfur diesel, Sounder runs primarily on tracks owned by BNSF Railway. While Sound Transit owns the trains and stations and provides security, BNSF operates Sounder, and Amtrak provides maintenance.

Sounder trains offer comfortable seats, surge-protected outlets for laptops and tablets, wifi service, storage for up to four bicycles per car, overhead storage, climate control and restrooms. Some cars have worktables.

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Transit and jobs

Building transit infrastructure helps support our region’s economic recovery, with more than 100 family-wage jobs at this site alone, and will help more people connect to jobs when the economy rebounds.


You shared your perspectives, and we listened

In 2018, community members shared input on the garage’s visual design and prioritized features such as complementing buildings in downtown Puyallup; using natural colors with earth tones; ensuring safety and security; creating a welcoming environment for pedestrians; and using warm, subtle nighttime lighting, particularly on the west and south sides. Read more in the visual design outreach report from 2018.

We responded with the following design features:

  • Brick piers and half brick walls.
  • Steel structure at the pedestrian bridge and stair/elevator towers.
  • Earth-toned colors palette for exterior materials.
  • Transparency into the garage at the ground level.
  • Landscaping and lighting at pedestrian pathways.
  • Functional and warm lighting for both vehicles and pedestrians.
Project renderings

In this section you’ll see artist renderings of the garage and pedestrian bridge designs from several angles. Note that some details could change as final design is completed.

Intersection work

Sound Transit is making improvements to two nearby intersections, at 7th Street NW and West Stewart Avenue, and at West Stewart Avenue and North Meridian.

West Stewart Avenue and North Meridian 

Sound Transit will add a right-turn pocket on eastbound West Stewart Avenue for right turns on to southbound Meridian. This will reduce traffic backups.


7th Street NW and West Stewart Avenue 

At this intersection we’ll install a traffic signal timed with railroad track crossing arms and add left-turn pockets at all sides of the intersection. To allow space for the left-turn pockets, we’ll remove some on-street parking spaces and move back curbs.

In addition, Sound Transit provided funding for the City of Puyallup to add bike lanes on West Stewart Avenue. Bike lane design is expected to start in 2023; see next section for more details.

Map of W Stewart Ave and 7th St NW Intersection. Changes to improve traffic flow include: New traffic signal at intersection timed with railroad track crossing arms, replacement of the existing sidewalk and curb ramps at intersection, Left turn pockets so cars proceeding through the intersection are not held up, removal of on-street parking spaces to allow for left turn pockets, and emphasized lane configurations on 7th street NW and 3rd Avenue NW. City of Puyallup project: Bike lanes added west of intersection (City will later extend to 23rd Street NW). Removal of on-street parking spaces.

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We will plant trees and shrubs around the new garage, surface lot and pedestrian bridge. Features include:

  • Plants in warm colors like yellow, orange and red around the garage to complement the building.
  • Low-growing evergreen shrubs and groundcovers in the surface parking lot.
  • Most shrubs will be no more than 2-3 feet tall to ensure sight lines and visibility.
  • Tree varieties with color and contrast in the fall.
  • A sustainable demonstration garden on the east side of the pedestrian bridge.

Puyallup garage landscape rendering, showing features as described in the above page text.

Click image for larger view

We’ll follow sustainable design principles in the landscaping, including:

  • Emphasizing plants that support a healthy environment (native species, edible fruits, pollinators, biofiltration, erosion control and/or wildlife habitat).
  • Permeable paving to support street trees.
  • Drip irrigation tubing to reduce water use and an irrigation controller that automatically adjusts based on weather conditions.
  • A soil management plan that limits stormwater runoff and encourages long-term plant growth.


Meet the contractor

In November of 2019, the Sound Transit Board of Directors awarded Hensel Phelps Construction Company the contract to design and build the Puyallup garage. Hensel Phelps is currently constructing Sound Transit’s Operations and Maintenance Facility East in Bellevue, where they’ve worked closely with Sound Transit outreach staff to keep the community informed of any impacts.

This is a picture of project manager Greg Shimizu.

Project Manager Greg Shimizu
Greg Shimizu is the Project Manager for Hensel Phelps Construction Co. He has more than 19 years of experience in the construction industry completing projects in California and Washington. Prior to starting on the Puyallup garage, Greg completed projects for the University of Washington, Alaska Airlines at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and San Francisco International Airport.

This is a picture of Project Superintendent Jim Hickernell.

Project Superintendent Jim Hickernell
Jim Hickernell is the Construction Manager and has been with Hensel Phelps for 12 years. His most recent project with Hensel Phelps was the North Satellite Modernization at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Construction impacts


  • The west entrance to the Puyallup Station parking lot from 5th Street NW was closed in late August, along with several parking spaces. These will remain closed until construction is finished in 2022.
  • On-street parking spaces in the vicinity of 7th Street NW and NW Stewart Avenue will be permanently removed when we make changes to that intersection to improve traffic flow and allow for future bicycle lanes. This work is expected to take place in approximately mid-2021.

Streets and sidewalks 

  • Third Avenue NW between 6th and 5th streets NW has closed permanently, in coordination with the City of Puyallup.
  • We expect occasional partial lane closures on 5th Street NW south of the railroad tracks. We’ll provide notification in advance.
  • Temporary sidewalk closures are anticipated when new sidewalks are installed.


Work hours are generally 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Moderate noise and vibration can be expected between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Truck traffic 

Trucks hauling materials will arrive on site throughout the construction period. Trucks will travel southbound on Meridian, to River Road, to Seventh Street NW to Third Avenue NW.


Puyallup garage project timeline graphic. Planning 2014-2016 is complete. Design and Construction 2016-2021 is occurring now. The garage will open to the public in 2022.


Our commitment

Community Engagement is a team within Sound Transit, and our mission is simple: to represent the agency in the community, and the community’s interests within Sound Transit. During construction, it’s our job to keep you informed of construction activities and project progress.

We’re your point of contact for Sound Transit.

As part of our good neighbor commitments, we’ll:

  • Provide advanced notification of work activities.
  • Maintain business and residential access.
  • Maintain a clean work site.
  • Minimize noise, dust and debris.
  • Provide wayfinding signage.
  • Maintain a 24-hour construction hotline: 1-888-298-2395.

Contact us: 
(206) 689-4877 

24-hour construction hotline:

Stay updated:
Sign up for alerts

Walking, rolling and biking

Sound Transit is contributing $3.8 million to the City of Puyallup to make walking, rolling and biking to the station and in the area easier and safer.

Map of improvements for walking, rolling and bicycling, including: new curb ramps for ADA accessibility surrounding the station and along 5th St SW; street lighting on 5th St SW, from 7th Ave SW north to the station; retrofit of pedestrian signals for ADA accessibility on 5th St SW at W Pioneer Ave and W Main Ave; Stewart Avenue bike lanes from 7th St NW to 23rd St NW; and flashing beacons for pedestrian crossings on W Main Ave at 7th St NW, 6th St NW and 3rd St SE.

Click image for larger view


Work includes:

Flashing beacon lights for pedestrian crossings at three intersections on Main Avenue, west and east of the station
The City of Puyallup will install pedestrian-activated “rectangular rapid flashing beacons” at two crosswalks near Puyallup High School. The City expects to complete these improvements by 2022. A third location identified for flashing beacons—Main Street at Spring and 3rd (aka the bypass) is not currently a marked crossing, and the City will complete an independent traffic study to ensure a marked crossing is warranted after the parking garage is constructed.

New street lighting on 5th Street between the railroad tracks and 7th Avenue SW
To improve safety in the 5th Street NW/SW corridor, the City of Puyallup will add street lighting along the road’s western side.  Design is expected to begin in 2021 and be constructed in 2022.

This picture shows an example of a flashing beacon light.

Flashing beacon light example

This picture shows an example of a curb ramp.

Curb ramp example

ADA-accessible curb ramps at intersections on 5th Street SW, West Stewart Avenue and West Main Avenue
To improve rolling access to Puyallup station, the City of Puyallup will replace curb ramps along numerous intersections of 5th Street, West Stewart Avenue and West Main Street to meet current ADA design standards. Improvements will include widening ramps, reducing ramp slopes and adding detectable warning surfaces. Design for this project is expected to start in late 2020 with some construction in 2021 and the remainder occurring in 2022.

Bike lanes on West Stewart from 23rd Street NW to 6th Street NW

The City’s Active Transportation Plan includes Puyallup’s first dedicated bike lane facility, along West Stewart—a combination of separated bike lanes and “sharrows” (shared lane markings) from 26th Street NW to 9th Street NE. The section between 23rd and 6th streets—more than half of the bike facility—will be funded by Sound Transit.

Bike lanes on 4th Street NW

Sound Transit recently awarded the City of Puyallup a grant of $156,000 to expand bike lanes on 4th Street NW from West Stewart to River Road, ultimately connecting with the Riverwalk Trail along the Puyallup River. This project proposes to add five-foot bike lanes, separated from traffic by two-foot buffers (where feasible) along the 4th Street NW corridor from West Stewart to the Riverwalk Trail. The bike lanes are intended to be separate from traffic lanes; however, it will be determined in the design phase if this can be achieved at all intersections.  The plan is to implement this project with the West Stewart bike lanes, which will begin design in 2022 with an expected construction in 2024.


Work on these projects will be managed by the City of Puyallup. For questions, please contact Hans Hunger, hhunger@PuyallupWA.gov at City of Puyallup.

Frequently asked questions

Will I have to pay to park at the garage?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Sound Transit parking facilities filled up very early on weekday mornings. In 2016, Sound Transit initiated a parking permit program to allow transit riders access to reserved parking areas at the busiest parkandride lots, including at Puyallup Station. Permits were available free of charge to regular carpoolers, and since 2018to solo drivers paying a monthly fee.   

We’ve suspended the permit program during the COVID-19 reduced service period, since parking is now widely available at Puyallup and all other Sound Transit parking facilities, but we expect to renew permitting prior to the 2022 opening of the new garage, which will include a reserved parking area.  

Consistent with ST3 and the Sound Transit Financial Plan, Sound Transit may also charge fees for use of first-come, first-served parking at the Puyallup Station garage to manage demand, ensure parking availability, and recover some costs of providing parking for transit riders.     

What safety and security features are included in this garage?

  • Landscaping designed to ensure clear visibility of vehicles and pedestrians.  
  • Ample lighting in the garage interior and exterior.  
  • Visible stairwells and elevator shafts. 
  • Security cameras throughout the garage, including elevators. 
  • Emergency phones at every corner of each floor. 
  • Random security and police patrols 24/7. 
  • 24/7 security operations center that monitors site activity. 

How will traffic around the new garage be managed?

In 2016 we completed a traffic study which found that travel times on key corridors in 2035 will be only slightly higher with the garage in place, and not much higher than traffic in 2016 

To mitigate impacts, we found that two modifications are needed: a new signal at 7th Street NW and West Stewart Avenue and a new rightturn pocket onto North Meridian from West Stewart Avenue. Sound Transit is building both improvements as part of this project. (See map and details in the Designs section).

Why was this location selected, and how was the public involved?

During planning in 2013 and 2014, Sound Transit presented six different alternatives for parking locations to the Puyallup City Council, community stakeholder group, residents, commuters and business owners in Puyallup. Two rounds of public meetings and online surveys in 2014 were extensively advertised, including through mailings to all residents and businesses within five miles of the station.  

In 2016, after review of public feedback and input from the City of Puyallup, the Sound Transit Board identified the current site for the garage, along with a package of pedestrian and bicycle improvements. 

This site has the benefit of being close to the station (a priority for Sounder riders), while having fewer traffic impacts than the current parking lot at the station. 

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